Multiprofile CLiniccal Medical Center "Bonum"

“Bonum” – doing good (lat.)In 1991 the Ministry of Health and Care Services formed a Scientific-Practical centre of medical and social rehabilitation of children and teenagers with inborn dentofacial anomaly and speech pathology as an experimental testing site of new rehabilitation technology development.The Measures aimed at saving an unborn with a pathology must be taken at the stage of pregnancy. As soon as a disorder is detected, the Bonum’s experts are ready to help. Due to patients and their family management at the earliest stages, we succeed in rehabilitation of newborn babies. Over the course of 25 years we have gained a great experience of surgical and conservative treatment of children with dentofacial anomaly. It is safe to say that a surgery is only a part of the rehabilitation process (although a crucial one). Further complex of post-surgical child development, including working with psychologists, speech therapists, physiatrists and other specialists plays a significant role in the rehabilitation process as well. The complex approach developed by the Bonum’s specialists allowed to liquidate the Ural school for children with dentofacial anomalies due to the fact that they started to be capable of entering regular schools on equal terms with other children.


Otolaryngology - the entire list of surgical treatment of chronic diseases of the middle and inner ear, including the reconstruction of anatomical structures and the sound-conducting apparatus of the middle ear using microsurgical techniques, auto tissues, allogeneic transplants, including metal, with the release of the facial nerve, reinnervation and use of monitoring systems facial nerve;- hearing improvement operations using a middle ear implant;- hearing-speech rehabilitation of children after cochlear implantation andhearing aids.